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Struggling for ideas? Read our Christmas gifts guide
04 December 2020
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As festive-themed music sweeps across our nation’s retail stores, we’re reminded it’s time to start thinking of Christmas gifts for your friends and family. However, more often than not, the greatest trouble lies in exactly what to give; choosing the perfect gift is no easy task! If you are looking for inspiration about gift ideas this Christmas, then look no further, as we’ve compiled your shopping guide for Christmas below.

For Him

Perhaps the most difficult of all to both please or displease, a gift for him can be hard to choose if you don’t know his interests. A great book never goes over badly, especially one on a topic that he loves. Consider some odd but entertaining books such as The VERY Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes if you are looking for some more humour (or suffering) in the family next year. For those who adore nature, The Story of Trees: And How They Changed the World is a beautiful gift both inside and out, perfect for the appreciative reader.

For a more personal gift, consider buying him personalised cufflinks to add an extra dash of flair to those future special occasions. Another good idea is to keep an eye out for any items he’s using that are old and could do with a replacement, such as his wallet. There will be many great discounts on quality leather wallets in the lead up to Christmas, a practical gift that fits in any shopping budget. Similar useful gifts could also include a new electric shaver, an electric toothbrush, or set of tools for a man who likes to work with his hands.

With the work at home lifestyle becoming increasingly common after this year, it might be time to upgrade the home office with a new office chair, a big gift to wrap! You could also capitalise on an extra hot summer coming up after Christmas with a new pair of sunglasses, with many different variations and price points to suit both his taste and your budget. A great idea is to always get something related to their main hobby: a raincoat for the hiker, a digital camera for the photographer, a chef’s knife for the home cook, the list goes on. Buy them something that they normally wouldn’t for themselves, and show him how much you appreciate them this Christmas.

For Her

For the ladies, take Christmas as another opportunity to make them feel important in your life. If she’s an early riser, consider a coffee gift set or a new coffee plunger, or maybe even both as a complete package. Jewellery is always a classic choice of gift for women who enjoy glamour, and there is no time like Christmas to browse seasonal catalogues to find a piece that speaks about her. If her collection is already large enough, consider some more artistic gifts such as themed jewellery holders, which not only look good as a sculpture but also serve a useful purpose.

Other gifts that will brighten her day could include Ecoya’s popular diffuser range, or custom scented candles and fragrances that demonstrate how well you know her preferences. Gifts related to her hobbies are a strong choice if you know her well enough, such as a flower vase for the aspiring gardener or a premium Moleskine journal for the enthusiastic writer. As always, beauty and skincare products are a safe bet, with renowned French brand L’Occitane en Provence selling many Christmas sets and bundles at discounted prices, complete with festive container tins or bags that look stunning. Visit in-store and you could also get your gift wrapped with ribbon to boot!

For the gourmet, there are lots of excellent wine gift baskets that bring the taste of New Zealand’s best wineries straight to the comfort of their own home. Vouchers to her favourite restaurant are also a thoughtful gift that gives them an excuse to go out and treat themselves this Christmas. In a similar vein, a gift card to her favourite clothing store is a great way to let her choose a new summer outfit, although you could be brave enough to choose something yourself. An easy pick is a stylish new sun hat to help keep the worst of the sun off this summer.

Gifts should be something to be cherished, so a sentimental gift such as a framed photo of a fond moment would be an excellent choice, whether it’s for him or for her. Other custom gifts, especially those hand-made or those arts and crafts based, will be a touching expression of your appreciation for those you care about. There are plenty of ideas on the internet, but it is never a bad idea to take inspiration from your own life and make something original.

For Kids

To consider the question of who looks forward to Christmas the most, the answer is definitely the kids, and the gifts from Santa no doubt play a large part. If your children haven’t been vocal about what sort of gifts they want, there are always popular gifts that sit well under the Christmas tree.

For children that are curious and love to learn, there are many fun technical gifts out there, such as a KiwiCo subscription which teaches them all about science or arts with fun projects designed for all ages. There are also similar hobby models you can build found locally, along with other classic gifts such as Lego sets for kids who love to use their hands, or beautiful 3D puzzles that give them a challenge to work on.

If your kids absolutely love animals, a pet is a good way to teach them responsibility; be sure that you have the time yourself to help them look after the new addition to the family though! While it may be tempting to buy a new-born kitten or puppy, don’t be afraid to consider adopting a pet and giving them a loving new home.

With technology becoming increasingly common, older kids have a lot more interest in video games than before. An affordable option sure to please them include popular gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch Lite, as well as pre-owned consoles such as the PS4 which can be found second-hand with many games at low prices. If your kids already spend too much time indoors or on a screen, or if they have a lot of energy, consider getting them gifts to help get them out and about as well as active and healthy. Examples include bikes, which provide a new family activity to do, or an opportunity for bonding as you teach them how to ride, as well as skateboards and scooters for the more daring.

On the other hand, kids who love the indoors may enjoy gifts such as an Amazon Kindle, encouraging them to read more as well as to learn. There are also many different gifts fun to play with indoors, such as an interactive train set or a large dollhouse. Taking your kids with you to the local toyshop to help give them an idea of what they might want Santa to deliver this Christmas is never a bad idea either! Nobody knows their likes and dislikes better than themselves after all.

So what’s on your shopping list this Christmas?

While everyone has different preferences and hobbies, hopefully you’ve been inspired by the items on this list and thought of a great gift idea that perfectly suits someone. Although gift-giving on Christmas is a fun activity for everyone, remember to show your loved ones that you know them well — and truly appreciate them — with a well thought out gift. Start thinking early and make this Christmas extra special.

Don’t forget to protect your valuables!

If you’re picking up items that costs a lot, such as jewellery, watches, or laptops and e-bikes, don’t forget to check your Contents insurance to see they are covered under the existing terms or if it needs to be added on. If in doubt, get in touch with your insurer. With Quashed, not only can you store all your insurance policies in one place online, it’s easy to get in touch with your insurance company in a click of a button.

For those with a BNZ Advantage Visa Platinum credit card or a Westpac World Mastercard, putting your Christmas purchases on the card could mean (1) extending the warranty on the item for free for up to a year (2) being protected against theft, loss or accidental damage on the purchased item for a period time e.g. 90 days (3) BNZ only – be eligible for a refund on if your purchased item drops in price within a period of time (e.g. 30 days). How good is that! Check the terms for more information. To keep this front of mind, get Quashed. You can see the free benefits from your credit card alongside all your insurance policies in one easy to view dashboard online.

Happy shopping!

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