What's Quashed?

It's the simplest way you can take back control of your insurance. Quashed is an online platform that makes it easy for you to see, manage and purchase (coming soon) all your insurances in one place. We believe in a much simpler and more transparent insurance experience. Think of us as the Uber, Netflix, or closer to home, Sharesies, of insurance!

Is Quashed for me?

YES! If you have insurance, we make it easy for you to stay on top of it. If you are looking to explore or get insurance, we are your one-stop independent online platform that can help you simply and transparently.

How is this different from my insurance experience today?

Great question. All the things you find difficult about insurance today - we’re making them easy! Store all your policy documents in one place, track how much you're spending and how much more you're paying each year, share your policy information with your other half or loved ones online, know when your insurance is expiring/renewing so you stay covered. We'll even see if there are better insurance covers and deals for you.

What are people saying about Quashed?

"Bloody good idea. I have insurances all over the show – Car, House, Boat, Life etc"... "I found the whole process of finding/uploading my insurance docs very smooth, almost enjoyable, it was nice to gather up all my policies into one place!"... And, "I found it incredibly easy... I was also impressed how quickly the system updated after I uploaded the policies." Tell us what you think.

How much does it cost?

Our platform is free to use! If you're wondering, we do not sell your information. When we are able to help you and other Kiwis purchase insurance on our platform, we will make some money for connecting you seamlessly to the insurance product and provider of your choice. Think of it this way. Instead of insurers paying Google or Facebook, insurers will pay us. We will not sell your information or spam you with advertisements. We promise. If we provide you with financial advice, we will not charge you any fees or expenses. If you decide to purchase insurance through us, the insurer will pay us some money (i.e. commissions) for the work done.

Are you an insurance company or financial adviser?

Quashed Limited (FSP755332) trading as Quashed holds a transitional licence issued by the Financial Markets Authority ("FMA") to provide financial advice. We are a Financial Advice Provider. However, we are not yet providing any advice. When we do, it will be made clear that it is advice. Otherwise, the information on our site and platform is general in nature i.e. not advice. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have questions.

Is this platform safe to use?

Yes! We take this seriously. The team at Quashed personally use the platform and have all our information on here. So you know that it's in our interest to make sure that it's safe. If you speak tech, we use Auth0 and have built our platform on Amazon AWS to ensure that we are using the latest tech to keep us safe and provide the best experience we can.

Who are the people behind Quashed?

A bunch of believers that insurance should be much simpler, more transparent and online! The co-founders are Justin Lim, Wenbo Li and John Ganzan. Prior to building Quashed, we worked at companies such as ANZ, BNZ, Air New Zealand, Fletcher Building... We are supported by a nimble and hardworking team that helps with Design, Testing, Marketing and Operations. Our backers include successful Kiwi business owners and personalities such as Shaun Quincey MNZM and Mike Ballantyne, and organisations such as the Icehouse.

Where can I find Quashed?

You can find us online - drop us an email team@quashed.co.nz. Although the actual humans working on this platform can mostly be found at 125 Saint Georges Bay Road in Parnell, Auckland. We spend many hours a day here creating the best insurance experience for Kiwis.

I've got a question or a complaint - how do I get in touch?

For any questions, drop us an email at team@quashed.co.nz - we'd love to hear from you and will get back to you as quickly as we can. We typically respond within a few hours.

If you are not happy with any financial advice given to you and would like to make a complaint, please email us at team@quashed.co.nz. You should receive a confirmation email from us within 72 hours. We will then let you know how we intend to resolve the complaint and roughly how long it will take. If we are unable to resolve your complaint or you are not happy it, you can then get in touch with Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme (IFSO) at 0800 888 202 or email info@ifso.nz

I love what Quashed is doing! Are you hiring?

We're always on the lookout for driven individuals looking to make a difference. Get in touch and let us know a bit about you, your skills and/or knowledge (e.g. insurance, software, design, marketing, legal, risk etc.), and suggest how you can add value to Quashed. You may be just the person we're looking for.

I love your platform! Where did you get your illustrations from?

Some of our awesome illustrations that we use within our platform, website and other media outlets are from Designs.ai

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