All your insurance in one place, not all over the place.
A brand new insurance experience for Kiwis. See and manage all your insurance in one place. Protecting your lives, loved ones and valuables is easier than ever.
Putting control back in your hands

See policies & benefits. Track spending & renewal. Discover insurance.

See all your existing policies in one place in minutes

Leave the paper behind. Drop off your PDFs or take a picture of your documents and upload it. We'll do the rest. Insurance has never been easier.

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Discover how much you're spending on all your insurance

With Quashed, you can make sense of all your different insurance payments. Look at where you're spending on insurance, and where you're not.

Renewals don't have to catch you by surprise

Receive a timely alert a month before your policy renews. Now you can simply see how much your premiums are increasing each year at a glance.

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Keep your loved ones in the loop with a click

Share your insurance information with your family. In an accident or emergency, you'll make it easy for them to get in touch with the insurers.

Market Scan
Think you might be paying too much? You could save time and money by using our market scanner to see if you’re getting the best option for you!
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What other users are saying:
It’s so easy! I simply dragged and dropped my policy documents into the repository. No data entry needed. What a pleasure! Thanks to Quashed, for the first time, I have a handle on my insurance spend and what it’s for. My wife now also have access to the information at the click of a mouse, thanks to the “Share” function.
- Leonard G.
Owner Gilco Property Management
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