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In 2023, Quashed Market Scan saved Kiwis on average


on Car insurance


on House insurance


on Contents insurance

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On average Kiwis can save


across cars, house and contents insurance & more

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We scan through 10+ insurance companies, though please note that this may not cover the entire market, as some insurers don't offer online quotes. Additionally, if you reside in high-risk areas like Christchurch, Wellington, etc., the options for house and contents insurance might be limited. Kindly note that we do not offer advice; our service solely provides online comparisons to aid you in finding insurance.

How much can I potentially save?

Check out the savings achieved by some of our members through Market Scan

Jess W

from Wellington saved


$189 on contents

$164 on car

Sheldon B

from Christchurch saved


$292 on contents

$156 on car

$586 on car

John F

from Auckland saved


$64 on house

$220 on contents

$1,374 on car

$808 on car

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Comparing insurance providers has never been more crucial. With insurance companies raising prices by 20-30% annually, you could see your insurance costs increase by $886 to $1,329 this year!

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