Be the boss of your own insurance.

Hey there! We’re Quashed, a brand new insurance experience for Kiwis.

We’re making everything about insurance that little bit easier,
so the control is back in your smooth-move-bustin’ hands.

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Round up all of your policies into one dashboard.

Just take photos of your policies (or grab your policy pdfs) and upload them, or simply enter a few bits of information. Different providers? No problem. We bring them all together.

Find the right policy and save money in a few clicks.

Our new market scan feature helps you compare providers, policies and prices. Our customers save, on average, heaps.

Market Scan
Don’t get taken for a ride on your insurance premiums.

We show you how much your premiums are rising over time. The most common reaction to both is... “What? Really? That much?” Your call if you’re sticking around.

Pick up on covers you've left behind.

A simple insurance check up is done in under a minute. Explore different insurance covers and options when you want and where you want, like a boss.

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We're on a mission to quash insurance confusion.

Insurance sure can be tricky, confusing, frustrating...and a lifesaver if the unexpected happens. Quashed means "to reject, repel, to put an end to". And that’s exactly what we do to the tricky, confusing, frustrating parts of insurance. We don't just squash 'em, we quash 'em, to put you in control.

From our customers

Thanks to Quashed, for the first time, I have a handle on my insurance spend, and what it's for.

Leonard - Property Manager

Quashed is amazing! It’s so easy to upload policies and weirdly I found it quite addictive.

Jane - Teacher

I wanted to access the policy documents for my house insurance for GST returns. Thanks to Quashed, I knew where I had stored them!

Vikram - IT Consultant

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