We're not an insurance company.
We're a new insurance experience.
Insurance is super important — we all know that. But why is just about everything about it a bit, well, sucky?

The policies are hard to understand. The renewals can catch you off guard. You’re never quite sure if you’ve got too much, too little or just enough cover. Or if you’ve got the best deal. And when you contact your insurance companies, the wait times can be horrendous.

At Quashed we’re working to change all that.

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We’ve built the simplest, most transparent platform to help you make sense of all of your insurance.

Simply upload pdfs or photos of your policies, and we do the rest. We make it easy to see how much you're spending, how much your premiums are increasing each year, and when your insurance policies are renewing. We help you identify what you have covered and what you don't have covered. And we make it simple to compare what other offers are out there, and how you can potentially save thousands of dollars.

Ultimately we give you back control over the way you protect your life, lifestyle, loved ones and valuables. We make you the boss of your insurance.

The team who are Quashing it.

Our founder, Justin Lim, worked for two of New Zealand’s largest banks, helping to make banking simpler and more accessible online for Kiwis, before taking up the challenge to do the same for insurance. Quashed was launched in 2020 and today Justin is joined by a team of talented engineers, marketers, entrepreneurs and backers.

Justin Lim
Founder & CEO
Wenbo Li
Co-founder & CTO
John Kenneth Ganzan
Co-founder & Senior Software Engineer
Shaun Quincey
Investor & Director
The Ice House
Mike Ballantyne
The average NZ household will spend $100,000+ in insurance over their lifetime.

We’ll help make sure every dollar works hard for you.

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