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Find your hidden free insurance benefits
09 December 2019
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Everyone loves freebies. Especially us, the team at Quashed!

Here are a couple of tips we wanted to share with our customers on where to be looking for free insurance.

Credit Card Insurance Benefits

If you have a fancy platinum credit card with one of the main banks or providers, you will likely have access to free insurance benefits.

ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Westpac, KiwiBank and American Express are providing a range of free insurance through their top tier credit cards in New Zealand. The typical insurance benefit on these cards is travel insurance. Other insurance benefits may include: smartphone screen protection, buyer's price protection and extended warranty for purchases.

Take a minute to check the benefits on your credit card. If you would rather have it done for you, use Quashed. Simply select your card and we'll let you know.

Employee Insurance Benefits

Many employers are increasingly adding insurance to their list of staff benefits. However, this can often be overlooked by employees unaware of their entitlements if they are buried deep on the companies intranet portal.

Life insurance is a common one that is offered and can sometimes be a multiple of the employees income. For example, if the employee's income is $70,000. The free life insurance cover could be 3x the amount of the annual income i.e. $210,000. Health or medical are less commonly given away as a free insurance benefit for staff, but they may have exclusive offers for cheaper rates with certain insurance providers.

A simple way to check is to email your Human Resource (HR) team or manager and ask for the staff benefits information or more specifically if there are any insurance covers provided by the company.

Find and save

Being aware of free insurance covers we have in place will help us better understand and protect the things that matter to us. This way we can avoid spending money on the same insurance covers. Most insurance policies do not allow the same unfortunate event to be claimed twice from different insurance companies. Therefore having two insurance covering the same thing is not anymore beneficial than having one. If in doubt, simply get in touch with your insurer.

Quashed can help

Use Quashed to keep track of all the insurance covers you have in place, including the free ones! See it all in one place, in one glance.

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