We exist to make a difference.

To challenge the way things have always been done.

Insurance. It’s been done the same way forever. Not simple. Not transparent. Not online.

Let’s face it.

Nobody likes insurance. Nobody likes paying for it, much less keeping track of it.

But we all know insurance is important. It helps to financially protect the things that matter to us. Lives, loved ones and valuables.

The average NZ household will spend $100,000+ in insurance over their lifetime. It is one of the biggest purchases we make every year.

But today, it still falls into the “too hard” bucket to get sorted.

Multiple insurance policies. Cars. Home. Contents. Health. Life. Income. Trauma. Disability. Pet. Travel. The list goes on. Policies spread across a bunch of different insurance companies. Payments from different bank accounts and cards. Fortnightly for some, monthly and yearly for others. Policy renewals through emails, or snail mail, at different times of the year. No clear idea of how much insurance payments are increasing each year.

Sounds like your insurance experience today? Like how it’s always been done?

Good news! We’re onto it at Quashed.

The founder, Justin Lim, worked for two of New Zealand’s largest banks helping to make banking simpler and more accessible online for Kiwis before taking on the insurance challenge.

Simplicity, transparency and bringing it online are the answers lacking in an industry that have always done things the same way.

We’re creating a brand new insurance experience at Quashed.

The simplest, most transparent and accessible platform to help you make sense of all your insurance.

Sign up to the insurance challenge. Take control.

Together, we’ll make a difference.

*$100,000 is based on the average household spend of ~$3,500 p.a. (Stats NZ, 2016) and assumes a 30 year cover period.

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