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10 things TO DO before end of lockdown
12 April 2020
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Education Minister, Chris Hipkins, has suggested that kids could be back in school by 29 April. The end of lockdown looks to be in sight, assuming the COVID-19 numbers continues on its positive downward trend. Kiwis can be hopeful that this period of self-isolation is almost over.

While lockdown has disrupted the routine for many, the silver lining has been not having to spend hours in traffic and getting ready for work each day. The extra hours that is saved roughly adds up to an entire week's worth of office time. Making the most of this time will mean coming out of lockdown feeling accomplished and ready to conquer the rest of 2020!

Here's our list of 10 things to TO DO off during this time:

  • Master a new dish. After all, the only shops that are open are supermarkets. Search the internet for recipes to get inspired or follow a celebrity chef on Instagram. Many are sharing their culinary skills and home cooking recipes for all to see. An experience that would otherwise cost a fortune. You can show-off your new dish at all the end of lockdown parties.

  • Setup your home work station. By now, for those that are able to work from home should have a decent setup going. Whether it is in your study or your living room. Hopefully you have a routine that works for you in place. It is easy to get distracted by the pantry or chores, so locking yourself away someplace in the house away from it all could be your answer.

  • Have a default video call app. To keep connected with friends, family and colleagues, a video calling app is a must. It could be Zoom, Apple's FaceTime app that is built-in to your iPhone, using Google's Hangout or Meet, or for many work related calls the go-to might be Microsoft's Teams. Whichever it is, spend a few minutes picking the one that works best for you and getting familiar with the features. A popular one is the use of a Virtual Background which will create not only a nice talking point, it useful when hiding the mess behind you.

  • Watch an entire Netflix series. You may already have this one ticked a few times off your list. There is plenty to watch on-demand. If you fancy a drama, check out popular Ozark. It will keep you on the edge of your seat. If science is your thing, and the way babies think and learn sounds exciting, check out Babies. Either way, whether it is to relax or learn something new, a series on Netflix will hit the mark. Be warn, it might be hard to stop once you get started.

  • Explore your neighbourhood on foot. With the lockdown rules in force, a walk around your neighbour is perhaps one of the only social and permitted things you can do. You may be surprise to discover walking tracks that you have not yet come across in your time living at home. Get out and get some fresh air, it will also help with your mental wellbeing and alertness.

  • Clear out your wardrobe. Why not clear out the wardrobe you have always been wanting to? While you are stuck at home, tip out the boxes of clothes and take pictures of the ones that can be sold and put them on Trade Me. Make space while making some money. Win-win!

  • Update your CV. With the economy in uncertain times, the reality is that many businesses have been impacted and are facing a slowdown, or for some, a complete halt on trading. Your job may or may not be at risk. Either way, taking stock of the things you have been working on and have achieved since your last updated CV can only be a good thing.

  • Finish a book or online course. There is likely a book lying around the house that you've either not started on or have not finished. Take a day and get through it. You'll not only learn something new or have a new perspective, but you'll feel more accomplished. The same is true for online courses. Whether it is hobby based, such as cooking, or helping set you up for your next job. For the latter, check out edX where you can even boast about completing a course from Harvard or MIT.

  • Develop a home workout regime. Staying fit while staying in will do lots for your wellbeing. There are still a bunch of options that are fun and social even while staying home.

  • Insurance check-up. A moment of ill-fortune can have a lifetime's impact. Take a few minutes and check that all your insurance is up-to-date. Get Quashed to help you organise your insurance and track it all in one place. See how much you're really spending and also share this information with your loved ones so they have access in case of emergencies.

That's our list. What have you ticked off? What else is on your list to get done by the end of lockdown?

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