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Skip the insurance spreadsheet in 2020
17 December 2019
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If you are still using a spreadsheet to manage your personal finances, let us upgrade your experience in 2020 with Quashed. Specifically, your insurance experience!

How many insurance policies do you have? Across most Kiwis we spoke to, they had 5+ insurance covers in place. Car, home, content, health, life and the list goes on with pet, travel, income, etc.

Why you should care about staying on top of your insurance

The average Kiwi household spends more than $3,000 a year on insurance. Even a 10% saving adds up to more than a couple of hundred dollars. The first step is to know what insurance covers are in place and how much you are really spending.

Be alert to increases in your premiums when it renews. In some cases, these can be 20% or more. If you have not been keeping across it for some time now, you may be paying much more than you think you are.

If it has been months or even years since you last looked at all your insurance, 2020 is a good time. Do not be caught out without insurance in moments where they really matter.

How is Quashed better than a spreadsheet

Quashed is an online insurance management tool that is accessible anywhere in the world with internet. You may be travelling for a holiday, or work, it does not matter. You do not have to have that spreadsheet printed or on your computer.

See all your insurance in one place simply with Quashed. Choose to either use a quick tool that helps you enter the key information or just drag and drop your PDF.

Find out how much you are really spending on insurance today. Insurance payments are usually going out at different times and at different intervals (e.g. fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or yearly). It can be confusing to track how much you are really spending. It is easy with Quashed.

Like many of us, you may uncover insurance you have but have overlooked with Quashed. For example, credit card insurance benefits are offered by some of the premium credit cards on the market. If you have one of these, you are probably overlooking its benefits. It is a lot more than just travel insurance benefits for some credit cards!

Receive email reminders just in time when you should act on your insurance. No worries if you've thrown out your snail mail reminder. We're in 2020!

Skip the hassle of remembering your insurance details or having to look for your insurance providers information when you need to get in touch. We know that pain and all you need to do with Quashed is click to contact. It is that simple.

There's more coming! Quashed has a list of exciting features launching in 2020 to make the insurance experience so much better! Simplicity and transparency is our goal. Intuitive insurance. The way it should be when protecting yourself, your loved ones and valuables.

Skip the spreadsheet and take control with Quashed today.

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