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Quick and easy recipes your family will love this Christmas
08 December 2020
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We all know that the holiday season can be stressful time of year. From booking flights to accommodating for family, there are so many cogs turning in the Christmas wheel. But through it all, we know there is one thing the whole family can unite around: a lovely home-cooked meal.

There’s nothing like a hearty roast to lift people’s spirits, but sometimes it can be hard to whip up something complex while balancing the responsibilities of hosting the holidays. We’ve gathered some simple but delicious options for those of you finding it hard to stay on top of it all this Christmas, so that you can spend less time worrying and more time celebrating with your friends and family!

Caramelised Onion and Apple Tart

These sweet and savory treats will satisfy the hungry mouths while you carry on with the more pressuring tasks Christmas brings. The recipe itself is low-effort and cost effective, proving that you don’t need to have an extravagant meal ready every time your family gets peckish. The salty-sweet flavour of this tart gives the allure of decadence, but you can sit back and relax with this effortless delight. Have this little bite prepared to so that you can satiate the hunger of those more impatient members of your kin and get back to enjoying the festivities. The ingredients are easy to assemble, so just throw this snack in the oven while you hang tinsel and vacuum those stubborn pine needles.

Tofu Kebabs

If you’re looking for a vegan or vegetarian friendly option this holiday season, look no further than this simple delight. Tofu kebabs can be enjoyed by all, and believe us - they will be enjoyed! The only real prep is the marinating, then you can throw these on the barbecue in classic kiwi fashion. These eclectic bites allow for a little creative license, as you can switch out the ingredients for you and you family’s personal preference. These treats are the kind you can get the whole family on board with, so you can combine keeping everyone satisfied with some much-needed quality time.

Cranberry Sauce

People often forget that condiments can make a good meal into a great meal, which is why you shouldn’t pass up this delectable cranberry sauce. Have this sizzling to the side while you prepare your main dish, as well as preparing yourself for the delight you’ll experience in pairing this rich sauce with a smoky roast. This condiment belongs amongst your festive feast, a compliment to any savoury elements on your meal plan. There’s something special about adding a dash of sweetness to a wholesome meal, it’s just as much a surprise as any gift under the tree.

Hassleback Potatoes

Yes, we know. The roast potato is a staple, it’s been perfected - or has it? Despite its name, the hassleback potato is no hassle at all. These are your classic roast potato with an upgrade, the slices allow for an extra dimension of crispness as well as a built-in space to add your preferred seasonings – we love a warm garlic butter with this one. The classic roast potato is wonderful, of course, but these are just so much fun! It’s just one more step added to the classic recipe to amp up the flavour and reduce the cook time. Plus, they look great on the table. You might have to double the recipe for this one, because there’s no doubt that these will disappear into hungry mouths before you know it..

Sticky Date Pudding

We’re firm believers that sticky date pudding is an underrated classic, its deep spiced flavour and subtle sweetness is a rare and beautiful occurrence in the food world. Pudding is the perfect end to a holiday feast, and the satisfaction this delight provides is the ultimate finale. No matter how full your loved ones are after the wonderful meal you’ve undoubtedly provided, they won’t be able to resist having a taste of this sweet surprise. This recipe makes recreating this well-loved timeless treat easier than ever, so you can show your family the taste of Christmas with no trouble at all.

Mulled Wine

When the evening begins to wind down, you may find yourself wanting a night cap. Well, if you want to keep the festive theme, we suggest a mulled wine. It’s not exaggerative to say that this is comfort in liquid form – it really is just that good. This drink encompasses the spirit of festive food. It’s sweet, spicy, rich, and heartwarming. Once the young ones have been put to bed, bring out this elixir so that the adults can take some time to wind down. Some things have the special ability to bring family together, and we believe this is one of them. Spend some time reminiscing on Christmases past while you sip on this festive remedy.

Food is one of the few things that all beings on planet earth have in common – that’s why it brings people together. You don’t have to make anything elaborate or super difficult for those you care about to know you’ve put love into every bite, so take some time between throwing roasts in the oven and unravelling butcher’s twine to sit down and reminisce with your loved ones over a simple treat.

This holiday season, it’s important that we keep our loved ones close to us. While we entertain and feed our families, we remember how much they mean to us and how we want to keep them safe and make sure they are protected from whatever life may throw their way.

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