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Pre-flight checklist for your next holiday
15 December 2019
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Before you jet off, here's a quick checklist so you can kick back and relax on holiday without a worry.

1. Passport expiry date

No one wants to be turned away at the airport so check that there is at least >6 months till expiry on your passport to be safe.

2. Visa requirements for travel destination

Check if a visa is required for your destination country. Use a tool like iVisa or check with your countries embassy to be sure.

3. Money. Money. Money.

Holidays and trips can be cut short if you run out of money. Prepare in advance and sort out your money (i.e. cash or card - credit, debit or travel) situation.

4. Organise airport transfers

Don't start your trip off with a missed flight because you forgot to plan for your airport transfers. Options are plentiful these days with parking at the airport, catching an airbus or using a handy ride share app (think Uber or Ola).

5. Mobile plan

Find out what your options to stay connected to the online world on your travels. Access google, maps, etc. to help you navigate and make the most of your trip. Choose to use your current network provider by subscribing to a temporary travel plan for common destinations like Australia or the Pacific Islands. Cheaper options will usually require finding a local network provider in your destination country and picking up a SIM on arrival.

6. Pet sitter

If you have a furry best friend, remember to plan ahead and have a pet sitter or a pet accommodation booked in advance. Pawshake could be an option to find a local suitable pet sitter for your time away.

7. Pack right

Bringing the right gear for your trip is half the battle especially when you are exploring a new destination. Try using PackPoint to help identify what is required for your trip based on the destination, weather and activities.

8. Travel insurance

Last but not least, check that you are protected from any nasty surprises with insurance. If you have a premium credit card, see if you have free travel insurance and check to avoid doubling up (e.g. rental car excess). It is best to buy travel insurance as soon as you book your trip. Quashed makes it easy to check, track and contact your insurer.

There you go, check these off to give you peace of mind and get you travel ready!

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