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Five useful travel apps for your upcoming trip
09 December 2019
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With the holiday season around the corner, make the most of your time away with these free travel apps.

Convert It - find out the cost of an item instantly.

Don’t make the mistake of making the wrong conversion only to have a nasty surprise when your credit card bill arrives. This app by BNZ is useful when you are trying to figure out the price of an item overseas. Forget having to calculate the exchange rate yourself. All you need to do is take a picture of the price tag or key it in. It automatically picks up where you are (if you have internet connection) and knows the currency to use. If you don't have real time internet connection when travelling, make use of free wi-fi when you get the chance and update the app. It takes seconds and will pick up the latest exchange rate.

Google Maps - never get lost again.

If you are not already familiar with Google Maps, this is life changing. When you are travelling you do not want to spend time getting lost or find yourself accidentally in a shady neighbourhood. You do not need to have internet connection to be able to use this Google Maps. If you are headed to a specific city or place, you can pre-download the locations map. See the simple steps by google. You can easily navigate places and not worry about getting lost again.

Uber - no more frustrating taxi rides.

Did you know that Uber is available in over 65 countries and 600+ cities? This app helps with finding a ride to places without the fear of being charged high hidden fees or giving the wrong location. You get to see upfront how much the trip will cost and where you are going. Surprisingly, it can be cheaper than taking the airport bus transfers in some cities. It also feels much safer with the safety features such as being able to notify your friends and family of where you are and knowing who your driver is. Sure, it is not 100% safe, but it is much better than hopping into a local taxi that neither you nor anyone else knows about.

Splitwise - split travel costs with your travelling buddy.

If you are travelling with others, make it easy to work out who owes what at the end of the trip. All of you can take turns paying for different things and simply track it with the app and at the end, it works out the difference left to pay each other. It’s a lot simpler than it sounds. No more manual calculations and awkward conversations. If you want more features, the paid pro version even lets you take pictures of receipts and has currency conversion tools, all ad-free.

Quashed - your insurance information at your fingertips.

With Quashed, add your insurance policies all into one handy platform that is accessible online anywhere in the world. If you need to get in touch with your insurance company, you can skip the hassle of trying to find the information. It's already there! A couple of clicks is all it takes to get connected.

There you have it. Apps that makes your travel fuss-free and all the more enjoyable!

Happy holidays.

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