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Five most travelled cities to check off your list in 2020
17 December 2019
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Mastercard released their annual Global Destination Cities Index report for the 10th year recently showing us the 20 most travelled cities in the world in 2019.

Nearly 100 million international visitors travelled to the top five cities on this list.

Let us take a closer look at these cities. Add them to your list if you have not already ticked them off.

Top five most visited cities

First up on the list, with more than 22 million visitors, is a country known for its food as much as its reputation for great hospitality - Bangkok. A city that buzzes with life (close to 10 million people), food, markets, culture and hospitality. With it taking out the top spot in the most visited cities list, it is one to check out if you have not already.

Second on the list with close to 20 million visitors, away from the East, is Paris. The city of love, or lights, depending on which you prefer. Known for its pastries, or pâtisseries, and cafe culture, art collection - home to the world's largest, the Louvre Museum, fashion labels that line Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and notable landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and 12th century Notre-Dame cathedral. There is no shortage of places to visit and activities to check out.

London stays in the top three after slipping a spot from the year before. The capital of England and the UK. Home to nine million people and many well known landmarks such as the Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and more. Do not miss out on the Fish and Chips, Yorkshire Pudding, Shepherd's pie and Bangers and Mash while you are there.

Fourth on the list is Dubai. Part of the United Arab Emirates, not to be confused as the capital which is Abu Dhabi, it stands out for being an advance city and engineering feat. Prepared to be wowed by the modern architecture and technology used to create a metropolis in the Arabian desert. Attractions include the seven star Burg Khalifa hotel, the world's largest shopping mall (Dubai Mall) said to be the size of 50 football fields, the Atlantis Waterpark to name a few.

Rounding up the top five most visited city is the city-state, Singapore. Known for its orderly way of life, impeccable urban planning, and a paradise for shopping and food, it is no surprise that 15 million visitors made their way there this past year. For a tiny city, it has done well to create a thriving metropolis with a financial hub and tourist playground. First time visitors should check out Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa, Orchard Road and the latest Jewel at Changi airport.

Here it is, the top five most visited cities to add to your wanderlust list in 2020 if you have not already been.

1. Bangkok

2. Paris

3. London

4. Dubai

5. Singapore

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