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Bakery Foods for Lockdown Blues
19 October 2021
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Popular online bakeries with delivery to get you through Level 3

Are you craving the comforting taste of a slice of a slice of chocolate cake? Do you have a hankering for some specialty bread, but suspect your own baking skills aren't up to par? Or do you want to let a loved one know that you care from afar?

Don't worry if you're not ready to head down to a café yet - a number of bakeries do home deliveries, as well as allowing you to purchase good via click and collect during Level 3. Put your feet up and relax - we took a look at some of the bakers (and "cakers") who deliver in Auckland, and others who deliver nationwide.

Online bakeries in Auckland

Breads and baking: If you're looking for the basics, you can go online to find the full range of groceries Farro offers, including fresh bread and treats from the supermarket's bakery - as well as baking ingredients if you feel like getting creative. Daily Bread is also open for both click and collect and delivery in the Auckland region: each day this bakery provides a range of breads, from quinoa to smoked rye sourdough, as well as delicious pastries and a selection of deli food.

Bread and Butter provides a selection of gourmet pastries, bread and vegetable boxes, and gourmet toppings as well as bakery supplies. The Dusty Apron is another popular bakery providing a home delivery service, offering an array of buns, scrolls, muffins and breads. The Midnight Baker, offering overnight deliveries of gluten free "Freedom Loaf" bread and baked products, is still open for delivery across Auckland.

If you have a hankering for speciality European breads, take a look at Olaf's Artisan Bakery Café, which is still offering a delivery service, but will soon be exclusively click and collect.

Sweet treats

As it's name suggests, Petal Cupcakes specialises in cupcakes and does same-day delivery. You can buy them in a small pack or by the dozen, for your bubble - or order single cupcakes if you're in the mood for a treat! If you're longing for a donut, Donut Haus is also delivering to inner Auckland suburbs. These sourdough donuts come in classic flavours, but for those that like their donuts crammed to the brim there are also more adventurous options available, such as "apple pie" and "chocolate fudge".

If more refined treats appeal to you, there are other options out there: award-winning French café Vaniye Patisserie is also opening for both click and collect and delivery this week, with a beautifully presented array of sweets, tarts and cakes.

Searching for a special cake? You might also like to check out Bluebell's Cakery, which is reopening in Level 3 for contactless delivery Auckland-wide, and trendy Auckland business The Caker. Bluebell provides a range of edible options - but the bakery's crowning glory are its range of amazing cakes, from ornate tiered cakes to delicious-looking cheesecakes. The Caker's cakes come in a range of types and interesting gourmet flavours, from baklava to citrus olive oil pistachio. Take a look at their popular cake kits if you feel like having a go yourself!

Vegan and Organic Treats

Most business have vegan options, but there are also a few popular bakers who specifically make vegan food.

Little Bird Organics has been open for delivery through Level 4 and is still going. Fresh vegan cakes, slices and sweet treats, including cheesecakes and "Ferrero Rawchers" treats, made from hazelnut, cacao and coconut, are available for delivery to Auckland customers.

Vegan Comfort will also deliver elaborate vegan cakes, canapes and desserts to your home. Some other vegan food businesses such as the popular Tart Bakery, and Gorilla Kitchen - which also does full restaurant meals - are not delivering themselves but do deliver via Uber Eats.

Nationwide baking delivery options

Vegan cookie retailer The Vegan Treatory has a tasty selection of biscuits online and is delivering around the country. Loaf Shop also delivers everywhere and provides baked goods in a number of different categories - such as gift hampers, cakes, and mini snacks such as brownie balls and bites - and includes vegan and gluten free options. If you want something for a special occasion, The Caker also sends cake kits around the country.

Home Baked delivers around the country, including to rural addresses: a selection of treat boxes, including occasion boxes, boxes for children, and vegan boxes. There is also a "pick 'n mix" box of goodies available, which you construct yourself. Auckland's Paneton French Bakery also delivers baked treats and a wide variety of breads nationwide. The Pie Piper delivers nationwide, excluding rural delivery: a variety of special "dessert pies", donuts and cheesecakes are on offer.

Finally if you know of someone going through a tough time, Wellington company Angel Deliveries has an "Angel Hamper" service, where you can arrange to get a gourmet care package delivered anywhere around the country, ranging from a tasty family dinner to a week's worth of food.

Taking care of yourself during the pandemic

The last few weeks have been tough on everyone, so make sure you make some quality time for yourself and your family. Take a look at some of Quashed's other lifestyle articles, including our suggestions for mental wellbeing apps and how to get better sleep at night.

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