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10 reasons to use Quashed
01 March 2021
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Before you cringe at the thought of... insurance... too late! That feeling of helplessness when it comes to insurance is all too common. Over the years, we have all come to view insurance as "too hard" to do anything about. Insurance 1 - Consumers 0.

If we paused for a minute to consider how we used to experience banking, you'd see many similarities. Queuing in bank branches or waiting on the phone for hours to get a simple cheque banked, or trying to send money to each other was definitely not an easy exercise. This was all before internet banking or mobile banking took off and is as we know it today. Now we simply unlock our phones or our tablets and we're ready to tackle our finances.

Insurance however is still stuck in the past. 

But wait, why should you care? 

Little do most of us know, but insurance is one of the largest purchases we make each year. Costing thousands of dollars. The average Kiwi family will spend more than $100,000 on insurance in our lifetime. That's right! Taking control and saving just 10% will come up to $10,000+ which could be used for many other things we'd rather spend our money on. In fact, most people on Quashed are discovering that they are spending way more than they had thought. So, caring about this will likely save you money. Lots of it.

Like all the other industries from travel to accommodation to taxi to food to movies, think about Netflix, Uber, Airbnb etc, it's time to shake things up and bring transparency and a seamless experience so consumers can take back control. 

10 reasons why you should use Quashed:

  1. Save $10,000+ on insurance over the coming years.

  2. One view of all your insurance info and one place to store all your policy docs.

  3. We'll help you find the best insurance policies without you taking on the hard work.

  4. Take advantage of your free credit card insurance benefits which you didn't know about.

  5. Share your insurance info in a click with your family in case you passed on today.

  6. We'll help keep an eye on your yearly premium so you can take action when it jumps.

  7. Have insurers serve up the best products and offers to you, not the other way around.

  8. It's 2021. Nobody wants a stranger at their door at 7pm talking about insurance.

  9. Time to take back control of your insurance.

  10. Our platform is free for you to use!

Find out more about Quashed and get started with your free account.

Join hundreds of others today and enjoy a simpler and more transparent insurance experience.

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